Chace Knorr
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Chace Knorr is a nine year old third grader whose standup comedy will leave your group in stitches. Joking about School, Boomers, Millennials, and everyday life all from the perspective of a third grader.

Chace's father, Seth Knorr, is a twenty year veteran of standup comedy. Seth was a finalist in three national comedy competitions and was also selected to perform in the World Series of Comedy. His Dry Bar comedy special The Correct Answer was recently released. Seth has just under 13,000 followers on Facebook and his YouTube videos have garnered over a half a million views.

We have all of the necessary equipment to put on a successful show; including spotlights, sound system, and a stage.

Book Chace for a shorter show, or book Chace and Seth for a full show. Hire a comedian for your next event by filling out the comedy show booking form.

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